blog summary

I write in order to illustrate how ACT helps me lead a more meaningful life, and how playing the horn serves that life.

Theses blog entries are often short and blunt and some contain swear words. I am truthful and frank and I don’t exaggerate about how my mind never stops and how most of the shit that my mind produces is not much help when I am trying to focus on being the best musician that I can be.



I wrote these to demonstrate all the things I am willing to experience. I also notice that a lot of my clients are unwilling to experience these things and that often gets in the way of them becoming the best musicians that they can be.

surfing superstar

I wrote these series of blog posts during a 3 week season of Jesus Christ Superstar for The Production Company in The State Theatre in Melbourne. It was a wonderful learning experience to commit to writing and thinking about ACT for music performance.

confessions of an auditioner

This is what was going on in my head as I prepared for an audition that I ended up not doing. Again, it was great to have something to write about and that was largely my motivation for doing the preparation - to show people how ACT functions in this situation.

a bad musician

Some ideas - some confronting, some counter (classical music) cultural about running workshops, performing, my relationship with music.

researching for the answer

A place where I put write interesting research I read about music & performance.