will i or won't i?

I have about eight weeks to go before the audition.

And I still haven't decided whether to do it or not.

I haven't done an audition in three years and I can't say that I have done too much practice since then. And before that I stopped playing completely for three years. 

I am also pretty sure I am too old - not in terms of whether I can play well enough in the audition, but whether THEY think I am too old. But, in ACT terms, 'that is just a thought'!

What I care about is learning to apply ACT processes to performing music. So I am going to put my hand up to attend this audition, start practicing and then blog about the process, with the purpose of shining a light on what it looks like inside my ACT informed brain.

...and as I decide to go public with this I am absolutely shitting myself. 

Deborah HartComment