three cornered hat

I was explaining to someone today how difficult I find swapping all my hats around - musician hat, counsellor hat and the welded on teacher hat.  It is actually painful for my brain to think in all these different ways. To swap around my personality and adapt it to different audiences.

I also keep a mother, wife and daughter hat in the house too. In a cupboard.

I struggle to be mentally and emotionally agile. I can do it, but at the end of the day I am looking like the woman in this picture. A little dazed. Pouty.

I think it might be more helpful to think of myself with a three cornered hat. More fluid. One entity with different sides. Psychologically flexible. The purpose of the ACT work.

After all the stress of yesterday, trying to juggle and perfect all my hats for today, in the end today was brilliant. All the different hats flowed on from each other into one smooth joyous entity. 

Speaking of triangles, and being mentally agile, I will now jump onto another topic I was thinking about today - one of the versions of ACT that is a triangle  - be present, open up and do what matters. 

Today I felt the love, the appreciation for what I am trying to do. What I have already done. What I am working towards. 

I like my new idea.

Deborah HartComment