world's okayest musician

The Husband found this little gem last night for $1. I had to have it. 

At first I thought it was just stupid, but maybe this is healthier that 'world's most perfectionist musician'. Maybe it will be a good reminder not to take myself so seriously as I prepare for this audition.

Letting go of perfectionism is an ongoing task for me. I believe deeply that people only want to listen to me if I am 'perfect'. I am only a musician if I am perfect. 

And I believe that I definitely am not going to win any audition unless I am note perfect.

And that may be true, but the cost of perfectionism is high. I held tightly to that idea as I prepared for auditions and performances over the years, and the cost became too great - ever escalating anxiety, stress and misery.

Maybe even worse and worse performances. I don't know. I'm not sure I am an objective judge of my own performances.

So I will leave this reminder on my music stand to remind myself that being 'okayest' is enough.

Deborah HartComment