Now I'm sad and tired

Not really sad. But suddenly quite tired.

When Tired gets on the bus with it's scratchy eyes that can barely stay open, I feel weary. Lethargic.  It is hard to see the Joy in it, through the waves of Tired.

And then before I know it, Doubt has also insinuated itself onto the bus. 

Can you get through this? Do you have the energy to concentrate when you really need to? I'm not sure you will be able to do the hard stuff. Don't you just need to just go to sleep. I don't think you can do this, dear.

Some would argue whether Tired is a passenger, but I would argue that Tired is not so much the physical symptoms, but what your mind tells you about what Tired will mean for getting through the show with your self respect in tact. You mind tells you that when you are tired, things will run out of control. 

Another fun night at Acceptance and Commitment Theatre.

Deborah HartComment