what I do


After being introduced to ACT in 2010, I felt that I had finally found a way out of some performance, professional and personal confusion that I had been stuck in for a number of years. 

A light bulb went on for me at that moment in 2010, and since then, it became my hope that I could become the person that I had needed when I was struggling with performing. I decided to return to university and in 2016 I completed a Masters of Counselling, and then began a private practice specialising in ACT for music performance anxiety.

In my counselling with musicians, I also bring my forty years of experiences as a professional musician, and decades of instrumental music teaching. 

I am a registered with the Australian Counselling Association, so I adhere to their code of ethics, and all information shared within the sessions are strictly confidential. Counselling sessions are ideally an hour long, and if it is not possible to attend my office, online and telephone counselling is also possible.

Within the first session I gather information about what  challenges you are facing, your experiences and how these are getting in the way of the musician you would ideally like to be. I use general counselling strategies and ACT processes, like metaphors and mindfulness exercises and many other helpful ways of developing more flexible thinking.

Clients report that the sessions have been helpful, and that not only has stress and anxiety around performance has reduced, but they are much clearer about why they play music, how they want to play, and find it easier to move in the direction of performing the way they would like. 

In 2017 I started began running  introductory workshops for university and school music students in ACT for music performance, and soon I hope to begin researching the impact of ACT for music performance anxiety. 

I am fortunate to still be invited to play the horn around Australia - SSO, WASO, TSO, MSO and The Production Company in the last few years.